About Bilfrakt

Bilfrakt started this journey in 1940, when the economic association Umeå Bilfrakt was founded. In 2004, there was a merger between Bilfrakt and the economic association Umeå Bilfrakt, that later in 2007 merged with Transportbolagen inland. In 2010, we acquired V-schakt. The years 2011-2013 were difficult and the company was very close to bankruptcy. Parts of the company were sold then in order to save the rest. Slowly but surely, Bilfrakt started to recover from the economic crisis and in 2014 started a subsidiary Bilfrakt Ballast AB, that runs Bilfrakt’s pit operations. At present, we are major players in the Västerbotten district.

We can offer you the best road construction and contractor services in the Västerbotten district. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop complete logistic solutions and handle all the needs for construction and contractor companies. Through good communication and clear directives, we create a strong trust with our customers, large or small.

Behind our success are our expert and service-oriented shareholders and employees. They also have access to an extensive and modern vehicle fleet, equipped with the latest in IT. The goal is to always ensure quality in the entire chain, from collection to delivery at the right place, at the right time.

To be able to be who we want to be, we have core values that all our employees, at all levels must follow. We believe that clear guidelines create confidence in the employees and customers, and this helps us be the best in the business, in transportation and friendliness. Based on these core values, we are responsible for ensuring our business is run in a sustainable, responsible and honest manner.

Our core values

  • Employees and shareholders that are committed, actively supportive and contribute, that feel good and evolve.
  • The customers see us as considerate, reliable and trustworthy.
  • An offensive development of our competence that results in the desirable effect.
  • A Bilfrakt that is perceived as a creative and development-oriented business, with a strong will to continuously improve.

Our business idea

“To create value and offer flexible logistic and contractor solutions, with consideration for climate and environment”

Our vision

“To be the leaders through renewal, team work and pride and create success and competitiveness for our shareholders”