Quality & Environment

At Bilfrakt, the environment and sustainability go hand-in-hand with quality, economy and social responsibility.


Each assignment has specific quality requirements. Our operations have to be ready to meet these requirements. It’s all about having access to clear routines, systems and technology. But above all, it’s about a clear commitment and participation from the entire organisation. The quality work carried out at Bilfrakt.se is based on the standard SS-EN ISO 9001:2015. We also run quality training course internally for all our employees.

All the companies that are part of Bilfrakt.se are approved and certified according to the quality standard ISO 9001 and the environment standard ISO 14001. The certificates are issued by the independent auditors, Intertek.

Environmental responsibility

As a transport and contract company, we have a great responsibility for the environment. Naturally, every part of our operations is designed to fulfil environmental legislation and other regulations related to the environment. Environmental Responsibility is well in line with our aspiration of always seeking the most effective and resource-saving transport and logistic solutions. Our environmental work is based on the standard SS-EN ISO 14001:2015.

Work Environment

Our systematic care for the work environment commits our employees to a high quality life at work, and creates the conditions for the same to happen in their free time. Based on our Work Environment Policy, that guides our system for work environment according to the standard SIS-OHSAS 18001:2007. In 2017, the entire company was certified according to SIS-OHSAS 18001:2007.

Road Safety

As we have around 600 vehicles and machines driving around our roads, Bilfrakt.se is a major part of the common traffic environment in the country. Our size brings with it responsibility, and that is why we would like to do what we can to increase road safety. For ourselves and for the other people who use the roads.

Our Road Safety Policy states that we must be a good example in traffic.


We have a wide view of the concept economy. At Bilfrakt.se we strive to find the most economically advantageous solutions for our customers, the company, our transport companies and our shareholders. But economy is not all about money. Economy is about sustainability and long-term planning, and we always consider the environmental angle in everything we do. At Bilfrakt.se, we strive for sustainability in all links of the chain – economy, technology and environment.

Social Responsibility

During our long and tradition packed history, we have put large focus on building up a good reputation, both internally with our employees and externally with our customers, partners and shareholders. Reliability, high moral standards, good ethics and friendliness in all situations are our guidelines.