Training & Competence

Different customers and different assignments bring new requirements on training and competence. It is always contract-oriented, that is, you can need various courses depending on the customer you are driving for.
The basis for our operations are the collective resources of our shareholders. Behind every assignment, there are all our expert and service-oriented employees who are out on the field.
To be able to ensure quality in the entire chain and to be able to enforce our vision and company policies, it’s fundamental to ensure that those who execute the work have all the necessary qualifications.
You can find below the current training courses that our training partners hold regularly.
If you have any questions regarding training and competence, please contact Bilfrakt’s communication and sustainability department.

Kommunikation och hållbarhetschef
Tel: 090-206 56 36 strives to remain at the forefront of knowledge and development. We are curious, welcome change and we are always open to new ideas. Our drivers are the company’s face to the world, and we care for their well-being and will to develop and learn new things. This is the reason why it is very important to us to offer different training courses, in collaboration with our training partners, that will carry our employees and the entire company on the way to the future.

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