With our large offer of road construction transport and our solid machinery, we can do most tasks. Our operators know what is required, for private projects or larger turnkey solutions, and do it in a flexible and cost-efficient manner.

Asphalt Transport

For large road work contractors, we do asphalt transport, and during high season, we have a large number of vehicles operating in the entire district.

Gravel Transport

We supply gravel to large contractors or to private persons. We have an extensive range of different materials, and you can have your order delivered to a specific address, in sacks or by truckload.

Do you need help with snow removal?

Our machinery and vehicles have all the equipment necessary to handle narrow parking spaces, walkways or bicycle paths, but also highway E4 during a storm. During the winter months, we do snow clearance and sanding for local authorities, residential areas, associations and other property owners. You have surely seen our vehicles out on the roads, very often as sub-contractor for the Traffic Authority’s operations.

We also offer the option of roof clearance with a snow brush mounted on a crane. Naturally all our vehicles and machines are inspected, approved and insured in accordance to all applicable legislation and regulations. Our drivers are licensed and undergo regular competence building training.