Focus on our employees

For us at Bilfrakt, it’s very important that our operators and employees feel good, as without them our operations would not work. Nowadays we employ around 600 drivers and 32 full-time administrative workers in total. We are very proud to inform that 43% are women and 57% are men. In a sector widely dominated by men, we see it as very positive that more and more women are looking for jobs in this sector.
One of our goals at Bilfrakt is to increase the number of employees who are physically active. We have carried out a number of physical health activities that have included a step-counting competition and participation in the Blood Race 2018.
We have also ensured that all employees have a desk they can work standing up or sitting down, and we have offered one hour for physical health per week for every employee. Bilfrakt also offers all employees a yearly physical health subsidy to contribute to an active free time.
The personnel are the most important asset of any company. Something we value very highly at Bilfrakt and we are continuously working to try to provide the conditions for a healthy and active life, at work and at home.

Systematic improvement of work environment

At Bilfrakt, we are systematically improving the work environment. It’s like a wheel, where we are constantly examining, risk assessing, taking action, checking and following-up risk factors in our operations. This is also done in the transport companies to ensure that the work place is safe.

We regularly do:

  • Risk inventories – what are the risks present in our operations and what are the preventive measure we can implement to eliminate these risks.
  • Safety rounds – we go through vehicles and installations to check if there anything that is damaged, or if there are other factors in the operations that may incur risks.
  • Reporting – deviations, incidents and accidents, to allow us to follow-up every case and prevent that the same incident happens again.
  • Appraisal Discussions – to ensure the staff feel good in the work place and detect possible failures.

A good work environment is important for everyone to do a good job.